Fillings - If you have a cavity, we’ll help you decide whether a tooth-colored composite or silver amalgam filling is right for you. 

Crowns - A crown is a dental restoration that caps a damaged tooth and restores it to original shape, function, and beauty. 

Bridges - A bridge is a connected row of artificial teeth that fills in the space left by missing teeth. It connects to two crowns, which we place on either side of the space.

Root Canal Therapy -Root canal therapy can be performed on most teeth in a single visit utilizing modern instrumentation that increases the efficiency and predictability of the procedure. In the event a root canal is required, you will be referred to an endodontist (root canal specialist). After the root canal therapy is completed, you can return to our office for a permanent crown.

Full & Partial Dentures - Dentures and partials can boost confidence, and make eating and speaking easier. Our office can provide partial dentures. In the event full dentures are required, you will be referred to a denture specialist.

Implant Restoration - For patients who have lost one tooth or many teeth, dental implants are the modern way to replace these teeth.  A titanium tooth root is placed by a periodontist and we can create replacement teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.  ​